The best pool paint for homes and public pools

Pool Paints
Varieties of pool paint to suit any application:  VOC Compliant Rubber Based, Waterborne Acrylic, Waterborne Epoxy, Polyamide Epoxy, High Build Epoxy (9707), Swimming Pool Cleaner/Degreaser .  Available in popular colors: Ocean Blue, Aquamarine, White and Black. Rubber Base (707), Waterborne Acrylic (708), Polyamide Epoxy (909), Waterbase Epoxy (910).

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 707,   708, 909, 910 and 9707.

The best barn paint available made right here in Ohio!

Country Estate Barn Paint
Designed to protect and beautify exterior wood and metal surfaces. Low luster finish at an economical price. Ideal for use on barns, sheds, fence and silos. 703 series Barn & Roof is linseed oil based for deep penetration. 704 series Barn & Fence is waterbase.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 703 and 704.

Yellow Paint on Pipes

Defi-Rust® Enamels
Designed for interior or exterior wood or metal. Can be applied by brush, roller or spray. Provides tough coating to protect substrate from moisture, corrosion and wear. Available in Alkyd (oil) base, acrylic latex and aerosol formulas. Ideal for line striping, machinery, lockers, railings, tanks, metal structures, wood or metal doors, shutters, etc. For optimal corrosion resistance, first apply Defi-Rust primer. 611 suited for commercial / industrial applications, 622 & 633 may also be used in residential applications. Alkyd Oil Base High Gloss (611), Alkyd Oil Base Satin (615), Acrylic High Gloss (622), Alkyd Oil Base Aerosol (633).

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 611, 611 LV, 615, 622, 633-xx Gloss Aerosols and 633-xx Satin Aerosols.

Dry Erase Coating for your dry wall. Any color underneath!

EZ-Clean® Dry Erase Coating
A zero VOC, low odor, clear gloss, catalzed urethane designed to turn any properly prepared smooth surface into a dry erase board. Optional basecoat may be used as bright white or tinted to a variety of colors. Apply to drywall, plaster, wood, masonary, aluminum, galvanized metal–even chalkboard.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 196-4524 and 196-4525 Basecoat.

Anti- Graffiti Coating for your dry wall. Any color underneath!

EZ-Clean® Anti-Graffiti Coating
The faster graffiti is removed, the less likely it is to reappear in that location. EZ-Clean Anti-Graffiti Coating dries to a tough, clear protective, UV resistant barrier that eases removal of graffiti tagging without affecting the appearance of the substrate. Its advanced, easy-to-use formula is environmentally friendly with zero HAPS and VOCs.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 196-4305.

Other Specialty Coatings

Fill and Finish
Block filler for use on new construction where economy and durability are required. Fills voids in block and decorates in one application. Bright white coating improves reflectance. Available in satin and semi-gloss sheens, custom colors available.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 386, 388 and 560.

Economical industrial ceiling and high wall coating. Increases light reflectance. Available in latex or oil base in flat or satin finish.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 590, 591 and 592.

Our elastometric system products include Elastometric Coating and Acrylic Bond-Tite sealer.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 742-01 and 742-77.

Basement Waterproofer
Mildew-resistant, tintable white Basement Waterproofer (700) is designed for interior block, concrete and brick.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 700.

Siloxane Water Repellent
Crystal clear Siloxane Repellent (906) formulated to resist and repel rainwater from porous masonry.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 906.

Field Marking
Latex Field Marking (710) fast dry for quick return to service.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 710

Zone Marking
Variety of zone marking paints. Available in oil- and waterbase formulas in both white and yellow colors. Fast dry for quick return to service. Perfect for zone marking applications such as parking lots, warehouses and factories.

Technical Data Sheet PDFs: 920 and 921.

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