Harrison Paint has decades of experience serving industrial coatings and OEM customers. We know that every company is different and has its own unique requirements. Our in-depth knowledge of industrial coatings gives us the expertise to recommend the best product for your application. At Harrison Paint, we roll up our sleeves and work closely with our business customers to understand their problems. We get involved with our customers and provide input during the decision-making process, which adds value at no extra cost. Whether you need a coating for in-house maintenance or an OEM application, Harrison Paint is large enough to handle your work, but small enough to be responsive to your needs. If none of our standard products shown below will suit your needs, we can custom formulate a product to your specifications. Partner with us for your next paint and coatings requirement!

Yellow Paint on Pipes

Defi-Rust 611LV Alkyd Enamel
An Alkyd (oil) based enamel for primed or unprimed, new or repaint. Interior/exterior, superior coverage. Available in 19 ready mixed colors, four tint bases, four primers & matching aerosols.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 611LV

Defi-Rust 615LV Alkyd Satin Enamel
Same durability and ease of application of the 611 high gloss, but in a satin finish. Four colors and three tint bases.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 615LV

Defi-Rust 622 Acrylic Enamel
Water based acrylic coating for use on primed or unprimed metal as well as many other substrates. Fast drying and fade resistant. Available in 17 ready mixed colors, four tint bases and three primers.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 622

Grey Industrial Paint

909 Polyamide Epoxy
Solvent based, two-component epoxy for severe use areas. Very durable and chemical resistant. Two colors and two tint bases.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 909

4110 Versa-Cryl Water Borne Fast Dry Acrylic
Quick dry waterborne acrylic coating for metal, wood or masonry surfaces. Ideal for OEM or maintenance applications where fast dry, water clean up and low VOC are important. Versa-Cryl provides a tough, durable, corrosion resistant film with outstanding gloss and color retention. It is available in both high gloss and Satin finish tint bases.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 4110

Great paint for industrial uses!

9909 Series
High Solids Epoxy Mastic is a high build, surface tolerant epoxy that may be used as a primer, intermediate coat or finish coat in a wide variety of coatings systems. It features excellent adhesion when applied to clean steel, aluminum and concrete and provides excellent adhesion and protection of sound rusted surfaces. 9909 cures to an extremely durable film, resisting abrasion, corrosion and many chemicals. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. It is available in white, black, gray, safety colors, tint bases and factory made custom batches.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 9909

Great for industrial tough vehicles.

9925 Series
High Solids Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane is a high solids, high build, high performance two component solvent based urethane. This extreme high gloss finish offers outstanding gloss and color retention plus excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. When used in conjunction with 4533 or 9909 Epoxy Primers, 9925 provides an excellent coating system for fleet and equipment applications as well as storage tanks, towers, bridges, catwalks, buildings, railings, doors and more. It can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. It is available in white, black, gray, safety colors, tint bases and factory made custom batches.

Technical Data Sheet PDF: 9925


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