100% acrylic latex premium house and trim paint formulated to protect and decorate exterior wood, aluminum and vinyl siding, trim, brick and cement. Forms a tough, weather and mildew resistant film.

Wooduck Stains
Exterior wood stains for a wide variety of applications including siding, fence, decks, shingles, beams and plywood. Solid Hide provides complete opacity while Semi-Trans allows wood grain to show through. Semi-Trans Deck Stain is available in clear or can be tinted. Fast Dry Satin provides pleasing satin sheen and is perfect for log homes. Translucent Toner is designed for penetration into bare wood without obscuring the grain.

Country Estate
Designed to protect and beautify exterior wood and metal surfaces. Low luster finish at an economical price. Ideal for use on barns, sheds, fence and silos. The 703 series Barn and Roof is linseed oil-based for deep penetration. The 704 series is water-based.

Pro Standard
Professional grade exterior paints for walls and trim. Dried film is dirt and mildew resistant. Low VOC, fast drying formulas with soap and water clean-up.

Defi-Rust Enamels
Designed for exterior or interior wood or metal. Provides a tough coating to protect substrate from moisture, corrosion and wear. Available in oil base, acrylic latex and aerosol formulas. Ideal for line striping, machinery, lockers, railings, tanks, metal structures, doors, shutters, etc. For optimal corrosion resistance, first apply Defi-Rust primer.

Versa-Seal Primers & Sealers
Wide variety of premium specialty and sealers. Choose from all-purpose primer, wallpaper undercoater, drywall primer, stain blocking primer and acrylic and alkyd wood primers. Also available in aerosol perfect for quick touch-ups, water water strained ceiling tile, etc.

Waterproofers & Repellants
Keep the harsh effects of Mother Nature at bay. Mildew-resistant, tintable white Basement Waterproofer (700) is designed for interior block, concrete and brick. Elastomeric (742) intended for above grade exterior masonry surfaces and can elongate up to 400% to bridge cracks. Crystal clear Siloxane Repellant (906) formulated to resist and repell rainwater from porous masonry.